Dry Noodles 麵類 - 味丹 VD
味丹 味味A 排骨雞麵
VD Chicken-Pork Soup Noodle
- 95g
Product Code: NVD001
味丹 味味A 香辣牛肉麵
VD Wei-Wei A Artificial Hot Beef Flavor
Product Code: NVD017
味丹 隨緣 素肉骨茶麵
VD Vege/Bahkut Noodle
Product Code: NVD002
味丹 隨緣 鮮蔬百匯
VD Vege Instant Noodle
Product Code: NVD003
味丹 隨緣 素魷魚羹麵
VD Vege Squid Instant Noodle
Product Code: NVD004
味丹 味味一品 皇朝牛筋麵
VD Royal Beef Noodle With Beef Pouch - 165g
Product Code: NVD009
味丹 味味一品 小四川牛肉麵
VD Si Chung Spicy Beef Noodle With Beef - 185g
Product Code: NVD011
味丹 味味一品 酸菜牛肉面
VD Beef Noodle with Cabbage
- 185g
Product Code: NVD012
味丹 辛辣牛肉拉麵
VD Spicy Beef Flavor Noodle - 106g
Product Code: NVD014
味丹 日式 正油拉麵
VD Soy Sauce Flavor Noodle
- 106g
Product Code: NVD015
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